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about us

The Venture Force Foundation Charity was initially set up by the directors of Venture Force Limited. Realising that Venture Force Limited alone could not generate the funds and support necessary to fully complete some projects, they, together with a group of philanthropic friends, set up the Venture Force Foundation. The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees and is fully independent of Venture Force Limited.

The Venture Force Foundation has close working relationships with specially selected in-country agents who provide the charity with a direct and reliable source of information about the `real’ needs are in the communities we support. This supports the capacity for both the communities and The Foundation to provide solutions which are well informed and then enables us to make a `real’ difference where it is most needed. As a result, our projects are worthwhile, achievable and sustainable.


The Foundation's current Core Objectives are:

  • To enable a sustainable, community-based future for the Eugemot Orphanage in the Upper Volta region of Ghana.

  • To facilitate the charitable project work of Venture Force Ltd in identified communities around the world.

We ask you to join us in making a difference........


Our Recent Projects...


Leklebi Duga Senior High School, Ghana

Due to the Foundation's work, the 800 pupils of this high school now have access to clean running water throughout the school. There are now showers in the dormitories, water for cleaning and for hygienic food preparation in the school’s kitchen and a plentiful supply of clean, safe, drinking water for both pupils and staff. The water supply is provided by a “Sky-Juice”, “Sky-Hydrant” water purification system, which was relatively cheap to install and maintain and which can purify 15,000 litres of water a day.

The Venture Force Foundation is currently funding and supporting the construction of 3 brand new buildings to house the Eugemot Orphanage in Ghana. The old orphanage building will cease to be available for use by the orphanage at the end of 2017 and as such the Foundation has taken on the task of building a new one in partnership with the local community! With the help of students from the UK and Ireland and the donations of many wonderful people, the project is almost complete. Next step....sustainability!

Medical Facility, Leklebi Duga, Volta, Ghana

This community project was supported by students from Marymount International School, Kingston-upon-Thames and Moulton School, Northampton who enabled us to installed the “Sky-Juice” unit to the Medical Clinic, in addition to two new toilets. The purification systems provides clean, safe, drinking water for the clinic. To complement the new water system we also completed a new sanitation unit which can be used by the staff and patients of the clinic.


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Ghana: An Insight

Ghana: An Insight

Ghana: An Insight

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Venture Force Foundation 
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