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How can you help?

A new home and a brighter future

A new home, built from scratch...

The Eugemot Orphanage is located in the Upper Volta Region of Ghana and is home to 56 orphans and the orphanage staff.

The Venture Force Foundation, a UK based charity, and Venture Force Ltd, have since 2012, raised funds for and been actively involved in the construction of a new purpose built home.  All of the work has been carried out in collaboration with the local Ghanain community, the staff and children of the Eugemot Orphanage, and our in-country workforce and wider project team! We also extend out thanks to volunteers from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Australia have travelled to the Eugemot orphanage, dug foundations, mixed cement, moulded and laid bricks.  We are nearly there... 

We're so close to our goal but require a final injection of funds to complete 'Sustainability Phase' of the project. A bakery has already been built on the site which will provide not only food for the children and staff of the Eugemot home but also an income for the Orphanage. The Sustainbility Phase will also see cultivation of land for farming and a pineapple plantation. The children and staff of the home will be given the necessary training and tools to work the bakery and the land to ensure a sustainable future for the orphanage,

Still to complete

Cultivation of land and the creation of a pineapple plantation

The aim is to create, in collaboration with the local community and the children and staff of the Eugemot home, a sustainable home for all. The home will have a bakery (complete) and pineapple plantation which will provide not only food for the children, but also an income. Both businesses will be run and managed by the staff and children of the home, facilitating a sustainable future for the home but also equipping the children with skills for their lives beyond the home.

Clean water and sanitation


Installation of new Sky-Hydrant (Purifies 15,000litres per day)

32 showers and 12 toilets

Plumbing for 3 blocks including dormitories, communal areas, staff accommdodation and a bakery!

Electrical Power


Safe electrical wiring in all buildings

Electrical sockets in all buildings


Cooling fans (can reach 45-50 degrees in the summer)



A bed for each orphan - giving them their own space and identity


Sheets, pillows, towels

Cups, bowls, plates, cutlery

Desk and chairs

Toys and books

What could your money buy?


Feed an orphan for a week

Venture Force Foundation (VFF) has installed a Sky Juice ‘Sky-Hydrant’ which provides the Orphanage with clean, safe drinking water. A balanced diet is also essential for the health and well-being of these children.  On some days a bowl of the maize bancu and sauce is all that can be provided for the children.

A donation from you, your school or business would help to provide three balanced meals a day for all the children



Concrete building blocks are essential building components which enable us to progress with building the school and dormitories. The more blocks we can provide the quicker the Orphanage will be completed. We have already laid the foundations so this would enable us to push on with the new build.

A new home, a new life
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