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Friend of the foundation

By becoming a friend of the foundation you can help promote VFF. The foundation will provide you with information/resources to help you advertise its work. This could be through offering a talk to a local interest group, having a stand at your local market and/or giving out leaflets at your school, activity group, to friends and family members.

Sponsor the foundation

You can join as an `Individual’, `Group’ or `Corporate’ sponsor. You may wish to make a one off donation through a fundraising activity you have been involved in, commit to providing a regular donation on a monthly basis or become financially involved to a much greater degree, where your contribution will enable the Foundation to undertake and deliver significant projects.


In building the orphanage there are many aspects which will require help. Some of this help will be in the form of technical expertise. If you are interested in helping, in any capacity, there are opportunities to help in the UK or to visit Ghana and volunteer. Please contact Marcus to discuss possibilities on

[email protected]


We are open to any fundraising ideas that you may have. Please contact [email protected] who will be happy to help where she can and advise accordingly.

What could your money do?


Feed an orphan for a week

Venture Force Foundation (VFF) has installed a Sky Juice ‘Sky-Hydrant’ which provides the Orphanage with clean, safe drinking water. A balanced diet is also essential for the health and well-being of these children.  On some days a bowl of the maize bancu and sauce is all that can be provided for the children.

A donation from you, your school or business would help to provide three balanced meals a day for all the children


Bed, Matress and Mosquito net

56 children are cared for in the Orphanage. The present accommodation is rather cramped. A lack of space and beds means it is impossible to provide all of them with a bed, bed clothes and vital mosquito net protection.  Our new building will provide the children with somewhere to sleep. Your donation will provide a child with their own comfy bed and crucial mosquito net protection



Concrete building blocks are essential building components which enable us to progress with building the school and dormitories. The more blocks we can provide the quicker the Orphanage will be completed. We have already laid the foundations so this would enable us to push on with the new build.



Timber is an essential component in the building process. We need timber for many parts of the building. The timber we will be using will be from sustainable sources.



 It is very important to install mosquito netting windows and doors to make the building secure and to reduce the exposure of the orphans to mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria


high school education

In Ghana education is free until the end of Junior High School. The Orphanage provides for 56 children, many of whom achieve the standard required to attend Senior High School - the caring staff struggle to raise the funds to feed the children; education is just too much to ask. A donation from you, your school or business would enable one of the children to undertake the necessary three year Senior High School programme and provide them with the education, books, uniform and full boarding provision.

Contact Us

Venture Force Foundation 

20 Chapel Lane


Melton Mowbray

LE14 2AA

Registered Charity No: 1152431

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