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The Eugemot Orphanage 

The Eugemot Orphanage is located in the Upper Volta Region of Ghana and is home to 56 orphans and the orphanage staff.

In 2010 and 2011 Venture Force Limited ran two student expeditions to Ghana which stopped by the Eugemot Orphanage to provide support in terms of food and resources and to engage with the orphans. However, our relationship with the Orphanage all changed in 2012 when we were approached by Mama (the lady who runs the orphanage) who informed us the orphanage would cease to exist in a few years due to their lease agreement expiring and having insufficient funds to renew the lease.

As a result, the Foundation was set up and the trustees decided to help build the Orphanage a new home in collaboration with the local community and the children and staff of the home.

Sustainability Phase

From them to now...

The Old Orphanage

The old Orphanage building comprises of a single building with a leaky roof. The orphans sleep 2 to a bunk with some sleeping on the floor. The shower and toilet facilities are un-hygienic and poorly constructed. To top it all, the lease is due to expire and the orphanage cannot afford to renew it.

The Process

With the help and dedication of the local community, the staff and children of the Orphanage and expedition teams from the UK, we have been able to construct 3 brand new buildings which can be used for accommodation and education for some 56 orphans who call the Orphanage Home. The children helped to paint their new home and moved in in October 2018. A bakery has also been built on site (April 2019) which will not only provide food for the children and staff of the home but will also provide a much needed income for the home in the future. All of the work has been completed in partnership with the local community and with the staff and new residents of the home.

But...It's not over yet

We are so close to achieving our goal but we are not there yet. We can now proceed with the 'sustainable phase' of the project which will see the cultivation of land for farming and a pineapple plantation. The Foundation will provide the necessary training and equipment for the children to work the bakery and the land, providing them with the knowledge and skills to ensure the sustainability of the orphanage in the future. 

Latest News

Bakery Complete - 25/04/2019

In partnership with UPandUP and the children and staff of the Eugemot Home, a bakery has been constructed on-site. The bakery will provide  much needed food and income to support the home and will be run as a business by the children of the home. 


Painting in progress - 09/11/2018

In October 2019, two teams from Girl Guiding UK travelled out to the Orphanage to help our local team and the children of the home to paint, make the beds and transform the orphanage into a proper home!

And they're in - 15/08/2018

We are pleased to report that the Orphanage has now been signed off as 'habitable' so we're good to go! We still have a lot to do before we can declare the project 'complete' and sustainable however this is a massive milestone in making a home for the children.


Moving in - 07/08/2018

Due to a couple of additional requirements from the Social Work Department in Ghana, the orphans are now scheduled to move in to the Orphanage by the the end of August. We are beyond excited for them to see their new home for the first time!


Habitation Phase - 22/03/2018

We are fast approaching the 'Habitation' phase of the project and we anticipate the Orphans moving into their new home within the next month. All hands on deck now for the 'Completion Phase' which will see the doors and windows go in, the plastering completed and the building painted. Please contact us if you think you could donate some building materials to help complete the orphanage!

Christmas / New Years Day Meal - 01/01/2018

The children and staff of the Eugemot Home celebrated New Year's with friends, family and a full tummy! A huge THANK YOU to everyone at the River Fellowship Independent Christian Church, Aboyne, Scotland for the very generous donation which made this meal possible.

Septic Tanks + Clean Water - 28/11/2017

As we approach Christmas we're getting close to the 'habitable stage' at the new Eugemot Children's home. Check out the photos in the gallery which show the completed septic tanks and poly tank towers that will provide essential clean water and sanitation. Thanks again to those who have kindly donated, run, cycle, hopped, sold and baked on behalf of the foundation. You can see now where your money is going!

Showers + Sanitation - 25/10/2017

Plumbing is in full flow (pun fully intended!). The showers are going into buildings 1 and 2, the pits for the septic tanks are dug and the polytank is in place! Great progress from the team in Ghana, made possible from all your donations to our crowdfunding campaign and individual fundraising efforts.

Let there be light! - 22/08/2017

Let there be light! Thanks to kind donations, we've managed to rig 'building one' up with the lights, sockets, ceilings and fans necessary for it to become a habitable building. One step closer to completion!

The Container - 27/03/2017

We are delighted to say that our container has reached the orphanage. From clean sheets, to text books and even a tractor, each and every item will be used by the Orphanage to build themselves a new home and a sustainable future. Our aim is to provide a home, education and training for the orphans, providing them with a brighter and more prosperous future. 


We would like to thank everyone who donated items for the container, without out you, this challenge would not have been achievable!

The Light Foundation

In 2014 the Light Foundation kindly donated the sum of £5,000 to assist in the construction of the Orphanage.  As stated all monies were spent on the completion of the roof on building two of our  Orphanage.  The Venture Force Foundation and the staff and children of the home are very thankful for this kind donation. 


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